Our Vision

Re-Imagining TB Care aims to modernize WHEN, HOW and WHERE TB care services are delivered, harness people-centered TB innovations, and work together with high-burden countries to provide people affected by TB with an integrated TB care model that is coordinated and comprehensive.

Problem: We cannot bend the curve with existing tools and approaches.

However, there is now immense potential for disruption in TB Care:

  • There is now a sense of optimism in TB that science is paying off.
  • Several new tools are available (new vaccine candidate, shorter regimens, new diagnostics), but they have not come together to serve TB patients.
  • Stakeholders, especially innovators, are beginning to see how various innovations fit into the larger ecosystem, but they need to be engaged and synergized.
  • While there are PDPs focused on diagnostics, drugs, and vaccines, there are also various emerging technological solutions that do not neatly fall into these traditional product categories, such as: