Wadhwani Institute for Artificial Intelligence

Wadhwani AI is an independent not-for-profit research institute that aims to harness the power of AI to find the break points that cause the world’s deepest problems —  and then find innovative solutions to fix them. The institute specializes in AI research conducted to address problems in public health, agriculture, education and infrastructure using techniques such as Machine Learning, Data Science, Cognitive Reasoning and IoT.

In January 2019, Wadhwani AI became the official AI partner for India’s Central Tuberculosis Division. As the official AI partner for India’s Central Tuberculosis Division, Wadhwani AI is creating technologies to address multiple challenges across the cascade of TB care, starting with case load estimation at the district level using a variety of risk and transmission factors to help identify missing cases, and the prioritization of TB patients for health workers through stratification of the risk of drop-off from treatment: Wadhwani TB Products