TB Innovator Pathway

Stage 4: Introduce & Scale


NOTE: Overlap between the stages is intentional and representative of iteration that occurs during the development process.




Stage 1: Identify Needs and Design

Stage 2: Begin R&D

Stage 3: Plan for Introduction

Stage 4: Introduce & Scale


Stage Overview
In this final stage, the technology is introduced, progress is monitored, and expansion happens across geographies or user groups. Often, a key launch partner (country program and/or implementation partner) will be key. To be successful, persistence, adaptability, and investment of time and resources are required.
Stage Elements
  • Evaluate launch plan progress against uptake targets
  • Evaluate progress against prioritized barriers and update bottleneck analysis
  • Evaluate manufacturing and distribution footprint and adjust as necessary 
  • Continue regulatory approvals for new markets
  • Seek inclusion in industry guidelines and country recommendations
  • Validate impact and cost-effectiveness analysis 
  • Optimize the technology
  • Expand demand generation campaigns for new markets and user segments
Questions to Answer
  • How is the technology received post introduction?
  • How can the technology and processes be optimized to improve uptake or reduce costs?
  • What advisory organizations, individuals, or entities could validate and recommend our technology?
  • How can we measure impact?
  • What additional communications would support roll out and uptake?

Additional element descriptions can be found here.