TB Innovator Pathway

Stage 1: Identify Needs and Design


NOTE: Overlap between the stages is intentional and representative of iteration that occurs during the development, qualification, evaluation and scale-up process.




Stage 1: Identify Needs and Design

Stage 2: Begin R&D

Stage 3: Plan for Introduction

Stage 4: Introduce & Scale


Stage Overview
Before design begins, it’s important to fully understand the problem that needs solving. The questions in stage one often seem daunting, complex or even abstract. As concepts are designed and refined based on feedback from patients, providers, and other stakeholders, the picture becomes clearer. And it’s possible to begin drafting project plans and timelines and moving toward product prototypes.
Stage Elements
Questions to Answer
  • What problems need solving?
  • What other solutions exist?
  • How might we solve the identified problems?
  • What market dynamics or trends may be influential (clinical, technical, regulatory, economic, supply chain, cultural/behavioral)?
  • What IP exists that must be considered?

Additional element descriptions can be found here.