Mapping available digital health tools across the TB patient journey

Across this patient journey, we have profiled all existing or potentially available digital health tools. 


on any chevron or bar to see current innovations across this patient journey.

Artificial Intelligence Prevention, Outreach, and Screening Pre-Presentation and Pre-Care Seeking Presentation and Care-Seeking Triage, Sample Collection and Transport Diagnosis and drug-susceptibility testing Treatment Initiation and Patient Management Follow-Up and Post-Survival Support ICT, Data Systems, and Dashboard

To facilitate experimentation and uptake of these ideal TB Care models in TB generally, for EACH step along the patient journey, we have:

  • Identified currently available (TB-appropriate) innovations.
  • Identified innovations in development and/or adaptable to be TB-appropriate innovations.
  • Provided links to existing evidence supporting these innovations.
  • Provided contact information for these innovations.